How to light a small window in a house

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I am trying to make these lil house windows light up for a scene. Any ideas to make it look real here? I was thinking of maybe a circle cutout placed over the window some how then blending it into the house window? All ears here. Thank you.

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    Yea. What @tddavis and @Andy001z said. Mask out the individual window panes. Invert the first mask, and set all others to subtract. Put a black (whatever color you want) plane at the bottom of the stack and add light flare and gleam effects. Adjust the center position, intensity, ray length and color of each to your liking over the window area. With a bit of fiddling you should be able to get the look you are after.

    I used one image. No duplicates.

    Note: I'm not familiar with Express so not sure if the 2 effects I mentioned are available to you if you ARE using Express.

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    Look above. Look at mask settings. The red layers I highlighted in the timeline would be your image and the black plane. Notice plane is at bottom. You can drag layers anywhere. Just select the black plane and drag it underneath the your image layer. Also...If you want to go from dark to light/ light to dark simply keyframe the intensity of the effects from 100 to 0. Notice I have the Light Flares effect key-framed. One last thing...2.5 parallax.. make sure the black plane is small enough to fit behind the house without effecting your sky.

    This isn't a 2.5 example but rather to show you how to animate to a dark room or vice-versa

    I hope my answer didn't confuse you more?