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So, I've been having this problem with HitFilm Express 16, whenever I export or view my video in the timeline it creates a "blinking" effect. But, the original source footage has nothing like it. The blinking also seems to have been every 3 frames (The video was recorded at 30fps). The audio had no such effect.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and re-exported using a different project yet the blinking is still there.

This might be a problem because I used H.265 to record because I imported my friend's video (he used H.264) and it worked.

The WORST part is, it only started blinking roughly 30 mins into the recording.

Is this a problem with HitFilm or possibly OBS Studio being weird?

Good Copy (exported using lossless-cut)

Glitched Copy



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    tnaz Posts: 6 Just Starting Out
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    I just read another forum post mentioning that the problem is VFR. What I actually use for recording is CQP encoded in H.265 encapsulated in .mp4. I use the AMD Advanced Media Framework encoder option. And of course, HitFilm Express 16 has not had any problems up until now.