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I have a general question to the updates for hitfilm Pro I really enjoy using hitfilm express and now I'm thinking about upgrading to hitfilm Pro

I have 2 Questions that occupy me

1. Is there any difference between hitfilm express with all plugins or are there even more features in the programm (I don't have all I'm just asking)

2. If I buy for example Hitfilm Pro 16 do I get the Hitfilm 17 Upgrade for free or do I have to buy it again or do I get any discounts?

I would be very happy to get answered my Questions!



  • tddavis
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    @qwertzuiopuuml20 Yes, there are a few features in Pro that cannot be purchased for Express, but I am not as up on what they are of the top of head as @Triem23 definitely is. Pro has all the add-on effects of Express. As far as 17 goes, you will have one year of updates and this include bug fixes as well as version updates from your purchase date. Theoretically, you could get 17 when it comes (whenever that may be as I'm just a User/Mod and have no clue) and 18 if they should both end up being released during that year period. Mike (Triem23) posted this back in August of this year so there may additions since 16 came out.

    I used to maintain a detailed list of differences between Express and Pro but haven't fully updated it in a few versions. I'm working from memory here, but this will be pretty accurate. 

    Resolution: Express maxes out at a 4k timeline, Pro can go to 8k on powerful enough hardware. 

    Color depth: Express maxes out at 16-bits/pixel, Pro goes to 32-bits/pixel Pro can do smoother glows and give better color response on 3D models. 

    Installs: Express can activate one one machine/license, Pro activates on three.

    Import/Export: Hitfilm Pro can import/export EXR images. Express can't. Express uses the encoder libraries built into your OS, Pro uses a licensed encoder. You'll have more audio bitrate options in Pro. 

    Plug in support: Pro can support OFX plug ins from third party vendors like New Blue, Red Giant (Universe), RE:Vision (ReelSmart Motion Blur, Twixtor) and others. Express cannot.

    Foundry: This is a good time to say Mods aren't FXHOME Staff - we're user volunteers. At this point Foundry is Pro-Only and, to my knowledge, there are no plans to make Foundry Camera Tracker an Express add-on. This is due to licensing and unlikely to change. 

    Add-ons: While Express has most filters available as add-ons there is usually a long lag between new Effects being added to Pro and an Express add-on being released. Pro is always current with the best and latest filters. 

    Pro-Only effects: the Express and Pro manuals are now unified - so if you step through the Effects list in the manual you'll see Effects badged as "Add-On" or "Pro-Only." Here's where working from memory fails - this won't be a complete list. There are about two dozen Effects that are Pro-Only including the Depth Map/Depth Mask features (3D models/particles), Exposure Pro, Stabilize, Feature Tracking, about half of the Behaviors and Text Animations, and almost everything in the "Channels" effects group and others.

    Express is a great option if you don't need everything, but buying all the add-ons will cost about three years worth of Pro (without Pro Only features.) My personal advice is if you're planning on spending more than $150 on add-ons you should just save for Pro. 

    Add ons - so far - have always carried forward. I know users on Express 15 who are still using add-ons purchased back in Express 3. However, the Add-on store is subject to changing the packs. The last time the packs were shuffled was HF 8, but, if you were still using Express 4 (and this came up as a question last weekend) and you now upgrade to 15 all of the individual effects carry over, but the PACKS changed. You might have something in the Express 4 "Lighting Pack" that got spread between the HF 8+ "Lighting Pack 1 and 2." The new packs won't show as purchased even though you still have the individual filters from the old pack. There's no pro-rota/discount on the new packs from having older effects. This scenario only affects users upgrading from HF 2017 or earlier.

    Think that covers it! 

    Hope this helps you out.

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    @tddavis only real thing to add is the Custom Flares is Pro exclusive. That's the only thing that immediately comes to mind.

    Oh, Express uses the OS encoder/decoder, Pro uses a licensed one, so you'll have a few extra options for audio settings on exports.

    Otherwise, @qwertzuiopuuml20 I think Terry (tddavis) covered it!

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    @Triem23 No, sir, you did all the work writing that up. I just raided my archive 🙂 I appended those last bits as well.👍️

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    Off the top of my head, Pro also allows OFX, AE (selected) and Mocha plugins, right?