I Learnt How To Climb PALM TREES (Without Equipment), Here's How!

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    @BlackPhotonStudios Very good job! Yeah, I don't think my arthritic joints are gonna have my Jabba body up in a palm tree anytime soon though. 😁 One thing I want to mention and it's totally a preference thing, but I thought the first cut you did at 1:50 walking out of frame would have been more dynamic if you switched to your 1st tree angled low and walking into the frame up to it then panned up to show the top. You could then tighten up the cut to the frame you exit behind the palm trunk you begin to enter left on the 1st tree. Just something to consider next time your filming if it suits the shot like I think it might have here. But still, a pretty good piece and the black and white was a brilliant choice.