[Enhancement] Motion Blur Customization

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Check motion blur in the controls panel and it will give a drop down menu to set the shutter angle. Somethin PR has in the transform effect.


  • Anhoeng
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    You can do this by opening the composition settings and mess with the motion blur settings in the advanced section. You can easily just change the mode in the Motion Blur effect to custom, instead of comp settings, and mess with the settings right in the effect itself. Hope this helps

  • Triem23
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    This is another request where I'm not certain what you're asking for.

    Premiere does not move layers in 2D or 3D space, but requires adding a Transform effect to do so. In this case, I can see where a shutter angle setting would be useful since movement is, effectively, "faked."

    Hitfilm actually transforms layers in 2D/3D space, in which case the Comp's Motion Blur settings are used. Settings for the Comp's motion blur, including shutter angle and phase, can be adjusted in the Comp's properties.

    The Motion Blur effect allows custom angle/phase properties.

    Are you asking for a submenu in the Transform Properties of each layer to further override motion blur settings.