Minecraft rig for Hitfilm that I have been working on

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So if any of you remember me on this forum (most likely not) you might remember when I showed a preview of a Minecraft rig that I had been working on in Hitfilm. Well, long story short, I scrapped the old project and started over again. I managed to get even better results this time, with better arm and leg bends and also less need for manual adjustments.

Just like in the original version, you can easily change the skin to your own by relinking the skin PNG file, only this time you no longer have to worry about blurry skins (just make sure you resize your mc skin in a photo editing software to "2160x2160")

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this rig please lmk in the replies/comments!

(For anyone wondering, this was done on Hitfilm EXPRESS with 0 addons)