Boris FX - Particle illusion 2021 is out - but beware!

Andy001z LordEarthPosts: 3,633 Ambassador

Hi, so you can once again download a FREE copy of the Particle Illusion software from Boris FX. GREAT you shout, but beware they have made some changes.

The new one over rights the old version if you have that one, I did and it was great. Once I got it up and running it looks great, but very quickly I realised the software was CHUGGING big time, compared to its older version this was a big problem. The Render seems to have changed and well it wasn't playing ball. I tried to step back but this only made matters worse as the only older version they have is from 2015 and isn't the one I had and isn't free. I reloaded the new 2021 version, but worse still it now didn't load, just crashes.

So if you have the old version, be careful. Especially if your on older hardware like me.