HitFilm Express, can this program Stitch 360 Dual-Spherical to Equirectangular?

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I'm just looking for an application that can stitch my JOLT 360 images, I'm hoping that HitFilm Express can do this for me. I'm afraid the "Pro" version is way out of my price range.

The native format is dual-spherical, not equirectangular. The app would need to convert mp4/h.265 dual-spherical to equirectangular, it would be great if the ability to convert from dual-spherical to equirectangular was available by using a plug-in so I could do Batch conversions. I have a bunch of them.

Fyi, Like most 360 cameras on the market today the software for this camera has been discontinued even though you can still purchase the camera, which really sucks.


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    Hitfilm does not stitch dual-spherical to equirectangular.

    I've been looking for a free program to do that for months, with no luck.

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    Thank you, that is what I've been finding as well although you've probably been looking longer than I have.

    Other than purchasing a new camera so that I can have software that works I have only found MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021. it is available here - https://www.magix.com/us/video-editor/movie-edit-pro/ - it is "on sale" for $69.99 thru January 21, 2021. only a few more days. So I'm going to download the trial app and see how it goes. I'll let you know if it works. Let me know if you find something that works, Free is always good/best. I've not worked since 2005 so $$ is very tight. I always look for sales and or free.

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    by the way I did find this posting (this is what started me looking at this product), it comes from December 2020. Problem is seems very cumbersome and it does not seem to be more than a work around rather than a feature of the software.


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    ok, This is an FYI update if anyone has been following this thread.

    After downloading and installing the trial product MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 I have found that it DOES NOT contain the same features or plug-ins of the actual program/previous programs or that they have remove the ability to stitch a 360 video that it once had.

    example 1 - What I thought (hoped!!) it had. (- Image provided to me by another user)

    Notice it has "360 stitching" and 360 stabilization as well as other 360 video plug-ins

    What it actually has, these are the plug-ins available to me today; - Perhaps they have completely remove this ability?

    Version info; I down loaded and installed the "trial" (which only allows a save of 3 minutes - no problem) yesterday January 15, 2021.

    as of right now Jan 16th I have 29 days remaining in my trial as you can see below. I opened the app to take these screen shots.

    I'm sure your asking why don't you just contact them and find out?

    Answer - Because they basically don't have a way to contact them and don't provide any support. I learned this 2007 to 2010 when I purchased 2 of their apps and spent 3 yrs of pulling my hair out trying to get help from them. Looks like they have not changed at all.

    The only good thing they have going for them is a bunch of users who are willing to go the extra mile to help each other. The 1st image of what I expected (hoped) to find was provided by another user who has an older program that still uses these filters.

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    This was just posted on their forum answering my question. Looks like only the Plus or Premium versions handle 360 video. They contain - "360° recordings including stitching" -

    Looks like it runs C$129.00 but is 30o/o off right now C$89.99

    I think I'll wait for a better sale and keep looking but keep this in my back pocket for now.

    from John,


    I do like the easy ones.

    You have downloaded the trial of the basic version - there are no 360 effect in this version. Uninstall this and download the Plus or Premium trial version.

    See the Comparison Table.

    Note that the Plus version is currently on sale for less than the basic version. The Premium version is not on sale. I would wait for the Premium version to go on sale except that you want the Upgrade, I presume, then go for the Upgrade to Premium to see if you qualify. The difference in the upgrade price between Plus and Premium is minimal.

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