[FEATURE] Repeater/Duplicator

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As far as I'm aware , there is no way do this other than manually duplicating and aligning everything. The fun thing with repeater is its settings which can create their own beautiful animations. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOZwzLgJw9o and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oJ1Ipa_cdM


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    @fxhomer53551 Take a look at the "Clone" effect, and also take a look at the "Clever Tagline" Youtube Channel.

    "Clone" is a repeat/duplicate effect and @CleverTagline has several tutorials that show how to used Clone to generate motion graphics elements. Justin (Clever Tagline) has all kinds of Clone tricks! He's the guy who showed me how versatile Clone can be!

    One thing on these forums is we do try to combine Feature Requests that are duplicates, and we do DELETE requests where it turns out "Hitfilm already does that." So, if you could check out the Clone effect and see if that does what you want it to do? If it does, let us know and we can delete this thread. If it doesn't, then try to think of how what you want differs from the existing Clone effect (In which case it's a new request), or if it's something that could be ADDED to the existing Clone effect (Which would change your request from a "FEATURE" to an "ENHANCEMENT."

    Again, if the existing Clone effect does what you want, we can delete this thread as a "Hitfilm already does it," or, if not, we'll figure out what's different to refine the request. As a Moderator/Ambassador I'll have more power to edit threads than the average user, so, if you come up with changes/enhancements to the existing Clone effect I (or another Mod) will be happy to work with you to edit this thread to communicate your desires to the devs, AND to keep the forum clean, uncluttered and easy to read.

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    Thanks, that is it. But the scale offset does not go over 100 %? You can make it small but not large?

    On 100 %

    On 68%

    Wont go over 100.

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    @fxhomer53551 Good point. Some properties on some effects can be manually set past their default slider boundaries, but unfortunately that's not one of them. If you want, you (or I) could modify the title of this thread to:

    [ENHANCEMENT] Allow Clone Scale Offset values over 100%

    That way we wouldn't have to delete the thread.

    As a possible workaround, one way to approach a situation where you want to create larger clones is to make your original larger than needed, then use smaller scale values in the Clone effect to get the final clone down to the "true" size you want. This won't be a usable solution in all use cases, but it might work for some.