How to combine 360 video clips to equirectangular format?

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I have the insta360 ONE x camera. I created a 4 minute video and used insta360 studio to convert the video into one mp4 video. After that, I made clips of this mp4 video and saved them. All of this is done from a PC. No smart phone involved at all. According to VLC player, The video specs for each clip are:

Codec: H264 Mpeg 4 AVC

Video dimensions: 5760 x 2880

Buffer dimensions: 5760x2882

frame rate: 29.97

Audio codec: mpeg aac (mp4a)

sample rate: 48000

bits per sample: 32

All I want to do is combine these clips back together but in a different order, all in the same format. I'd like to keep the same quality. My intention is to view this video with my Oculus GO VR goggles, something I am easily able to do with the original converted video from insta360. I'm about 8 hours into simply trying to combine the clips back together. Insta360 doesn't support it. I've tried several joiners. I've read many post and watched half a dozen youtube videos. I'm really just looking for a spoon feed as I'm trying to get this little video ready for a Christmas Eve thing I'm doing.

Ideally, I'd like to use the clips I already created with insta360 and just use Hitfilms to combine them. I am using the free download version of Hitfilms, 16.0.1080... (again, just looking for a joiner). Years ago I used vegas pro so I have some basic understanding of the video editors. I'd rather not use Hitfilms to edit the original MP4 created by insta360 because the video play in the editor is crazy chuggy and slow. Much much worse than my experience with vegas pro years ago, but that wasn't with 360 video.

Anyway, I've tried so many things. I'm not 100% if I'm opening the "new project" settings correctly. There's no way to create a custom 5760 x 2880 as it just won't allow those high values. I did manage to create a custom preset for EXPORT in which I checked the boxes for "follow source" on resolution and frame rate, but it didn't come out equirectangular. Original clips all together were about 3 GB but the HitFilms export took it down to about 500MB. Quality was nice, but 1920x1080. I tried all three scaling options, but same result. Again, I was unable to enter the 5760 value for custom resolution. If I can get this to combine, I'd like to preserve the higher quality level of the original clips.

I know there's a 360 effects I can use, but it's very unclear what subcategory I'm supposed to use or if it's already in place or if it's even installed (add on?). 360 Camera perspective was set by insta360 studio in the original conversion from 2 lenses to one video. I kept this perspective when I created the clips. Just facing "forward" in the same direction the whole time.

I feel like I'm close. Again, whole idea is just to combine these clips for this one time project.

I'm pretty demoralized at this point so looking for a spoon feed so I can move on.

Thanks so much if you can help or point me to a tutorial or.. anything at all...


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    Solved it myself.

    Created clips from insta360.

    Used freeware Hitfilms.  Started new project with:


    4096 x 2048

    set frame rate to: 29.97

    My vids were 5760 x 2880 29.97 framerate orgininaly

    Upon new project start I imported all the clips I wanted and arranged them in order.

    Then, I selected all the clips in the editor section and went to pull down menu for EFFECTS. From there, 360, then 360 transform.

    Next, in same editor section selecting all the parts, Right click context menu, Transform, and FIT TO FRAME.

    Next step.. export.

    Another custom preset for MP4, but all defaults left as is, including choices for dimension and frame set to "From source"

    Export - contents... and it worked for me!  Restart your PC render right after reboot if you get crashing.

    Good luck.