I was thinking of buying hitfilm express and im asking for help when i buy if il buy HFE do i get to keep it for ever? Or i dont know like month? Please help me and im sorry for bad englesh im not from contry that speaks that leangueg.

And thank you in advence.🙂


  • tddavis
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    @oskarkuder Yes, you keep your Express linked to an email address forever. You will even be able to change to the next version of Express if you desire using that same account. Express is free though and you don't have to "buy" it unless you want to take advantage of the Pay-What-You-Want plan to get various packages of duscounted add-ons and the dark mode which free Express does not have. FXHOME has no monthly subscription plans at all. It's a one time thing then yours forever. They come with a year of updates and on Pro, if you dont renew, it stays at the last update you downloaded. BTW, any add-ons you might get for Express in the PWYW packages will most likely carry on when you upgrade to the next version of Express. Hope this helps.