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Do you know of any H264/h265 HDMI recorder that records directly to an SD card that is less than 200$? I found a blackmagic Ultrastudio mini (80$) that records 10 bits, 4:2:2 but needs a computer to record to. It is not standalone.



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    Look for second hand first generation Blackmagic Video Assist. They were sold for 400 a few years ago (https://www.provideocoalition.com/summer-special-price-for-blackmagic-video-assist-and-video-assist-4k/) so there may be someone selling for that kind of price. I got super lucky a while ago and scored a ninja flame for 250 pounds. 

    You could also try to get an atomos ninja star. 

    Besides ebay, I would suggest posting in this and other forums saying that you want to buy a recorder like that. Someone may have one gathering dust (I definitely have a few lenses I should be selling) and be happy to sell to you.

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    @AramM; thank you very much for your response. I´ve checked the products you´ve listed but unfortunately none of them cost less than 150$ on my country. I think i´ll have to live with a recorder that connects to a PC. Do you know any (such as the blackmagic Ultrastudio mini) under 150?

    Only one more question: regarding the lenses you have that wanna sell, are they for fuji X mount?

    Would be really interested on them...


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    I notice you use the accent/stress mark in place of the apostrophe for your contraction (you've becomes  you´ve) which I find typical of Spanish computer users (being one myself). What country are you in?

    But yeah, you won't find either for that price. My suggestion is that you try second hand and specifically, try asking in forums like this, dvxuser, personal-view and whichever other forums are there (possibly the blackmagic forum? I imagine the eosHD forum may be a good place too). I would be very impressed if you found a relatively modern recorder for that price new.

    The lenses are a hodgepodge of mounts that I used adapted, so no x-mounts, but all of them adaptable to x-mount (all of them manual too).


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    @AramM; Sí, soy de España  Como en el teclado no tengo el acento correcto para el Inglés, uso el símbolo que corresponde a las tildes.

    That is just what I thought: I do agree that it is almost impossible to acquire an HDMI recorder for that price. Think I´ll have to get the Blackmagic HDMI recorder that requires a PC. I will post the question on another forum as you´ve recommended me, though.
    If you wonder why am I searching for a recorder, it is since I own a Fuji XT30, great camera, great pice but does not record 10 bit. Don´t know if it is worth spending the money on a recorder only for 10 bit though...


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    Ah, another fellow Spaniard! As I said before, I got lucky and got a ninja flame for 250 pounds second hand (someone was selling it in DVXuser) and even though my camera only goes to 8bit, the exposure, unlimited recording, my camera not overheating (older Sony model!) and focus aid tools are worth it for me (plus the bigger brighter screen for framing). 


    If all you really care about is the 10bit, from what I have seen in youtube videos, it is worth it if you are going to be doing some pretty heavy colour grading/correction (if you got it really wrong). 


    I would say, look for a rental house (or maybe fatllama), you may be able to rent and test to help you make a more informed decision. Back in 2015 I rented a ninja star for 30 pounds for 4 days (I understand that if you are young and broke that's actually quite a bit of money just for testing) and figured out that with a camera that only output 8bit, it was definitely not worth the investment for what I wanted. 

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    Long time since I posted my last question (The forum visual format has changed a lot)!

    Until now, I have been getting by with 8 bit 4:2:0 recording on my Fujifilm X-T30, but I think it is time to go for 10 bit 4:2:2 external recording (I am getting a noticeable amount of banding and compression artefacts)

    Solutions for recording externally, as mentioned above in the post, are fairly expensive. But I believe it is because not only are they recorders (e.g: Atomos Ninja V), but they are as well monitors. So you are paying 600$ for a "300$ monitor and a 300$ recorder" They are as well standalone (no computer needed)

    I frankly do not need the monitor, though. (Prices are overwhelming, for those as well)

    Some options require an external computer but are fairly cheap (e.g: Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini. A new version has recently come out for just 80$) The problem with it is that is records 10 bit, 4:2:2, but only at 1080P.

    Is there any other budget-friendly option for 4K external recording? (Maybe the Elgato Cam Link 4K can do 10bit 4:2:2?)


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    Uhm 10bit 4:2:2 selfncontained recording for 80$

    Colored me interested. Lol.

    I'll be looking at that myself.

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