Can i still buy and get the starter packet After i installed hitfilm express

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I have alredy installed hitfilm express but i want to buy the starter packet withe the dark them,the Editing starter, the VFX starter and the color starter. Can i still buy it and get content or do i have to reinstall hitfilm express

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  • FilmSensei
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    @nicoisland Of course! You would use the "Pay What You Want" options. Here is the page...

    Select "Starter" which is only $9. This comes with the Dark Theme plus a bunch of other features as well. Of course, if you really want to supercharge your features, think about the $19 Content Creator package. That's the best selling option. However, if you really are looking for some value, and you can afford it, you should think about the VFX Artist Package. That comes loaded with all kinds of good stuff ($184.89 worth in fact!). Don't forget, a percentage of these packages also goes to a good cause.

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    If it helps, yes you can and i did exactly that, while logged in to my existing account/using my existing account's email on the PWYW order.

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    You shouldn't need a second email, you should be able to just go to and make sure you're signed in to the same account. FAO: @tddavis and @nicoisland


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