[Not a] Bug: playback in viewer stops when I click anything

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I can't seem to figure out how to keep the viewer playing while I edit and clean up clips.

My clips are kind of long and I need to keep them playing while I work so I can just make sure they have no problems, if I can't let them play while I continue to edit, I have to sit and do nothing while I preview them which will make editing take many hours longer than it should

How do I keep the viewer playback playing while I work, it pauses when I click anything and I can't figure out where the setting is or why it's pausing, since I didn't tell it to pause

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  • korsynxkorsynx Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

    Huh, are you sure because I consider it a bug if it's pausing when I didn't tell it to. You're saying that this is actually expected behavior? If this was a decision, that's a bad/wrong decision, it makes no sense.

    So... what's the workaround then? Can I work while I preview my clips in Hitfilm? Aka multitasking, necessary for all professionals in the year 2020. This is making an editing session that should have taken 2 hours take 3 times too long so far

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    Its been asked for in the feature request thread.


    I was just as confused as you when I started, having come from Vegas.

    Every other nle or daw i've used continues unless you press like space or something.

    I'm hoping this will get added in the future.

    If it's a deal breaker you might want to look at Davinci Resolve (free).

  • korsynxkorsynx Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

    Goodness gracious, EvilDaystar, this is madness!

    I just downloaded Resolve, thanks for the suggestion. My project in Hitfilm was going well until I realized it wouldn't stop pausing.

    But yeah... I can't imagine trying to edit a multi-hour long video while being held hostage to watching every second in the viewer because you're unable to do anything else while the preview is playing

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    I've learned to deal with it. It annoyed me like crazy at first but most of what I edit are short talking heads for small businesses so this isn't as much of an issue.

    Hitfilm improves dramatically every new version. I'm sure this is something they'll work on eventually. In the meantime, I prefer this to paying Adobe 50$+ every month .. so much so I bought pro (2017 @ 300$+ Can) at full price and got Pro 14 as a Humble Bundle (40ish ?).

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    I edited your title, marked as solved, and closed this thread.

    Feel free to continue the discussion (and please, please upvote) on the Feature Request thread for this:


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