Image Luminance Mask

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This features documented is out of date and completely wrong. Who knows what version that changed in.

There is a lot going on with this simple control. Beyond basic DOC text description a few sample use case screenshots of the control could be illuminating. e.g. Setup like this to ...

  • Basic/classic luminance mask, dark to light.
  • Shadow/highlight protection. This is the current control default.
  • Like this to isolate some midtone zone.

The Blend-If controls are similar and the DOC wording there is nicely descriptive and similar would be a big help here.

Love this particular mask feature BTW. Figured it out using a test photo (DPR studio scene) with a Kodak gray panel strip and watching what each slider did. I was masking a hideous amount of noise addition to easily see the mask effects.


On another note the Skin Retouch effect is completely undocumented.


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