[FEATURE] Support for ICC color Profiles

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Once one makes a lovely image in Imerge, having ICC support would allow the artist to make certain the image is printed as intended.


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    You override the existing ICC profile, and the colours displayed in e.g Imerge will be more true to the printer (assuming here, I don't know if it does it correctly), especially when working in CMYK. Display ICC profiles are easy to apply in both Windows and MAC. You'll change the entire LUT of the GPU that you're using. If Imerge does not apply a global ICC profile then that's where the attention should be at instead, as it's a software flaw when working with highly calibrated monitors beyond just hardware colorimeters, and decent print paper.

    @aad_slingerland Greetings,

    I had a good look last week at Imerge Pro 8 and I'm happy with the results so far.

    What I really miss is the possibility to choose ICC profiles and the feature that the application processes color correction just before printing.

    I don't want to rely on the printers builtin color processing when possible.

    As far as I can see this is not possible in Imerge Pro 8. Are there any plans in the product development to do so?


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    @kevin_n just to clarify, Imerge does respect the color profile of the monitor that it is being used on. If for some reason Imerge can't detect the profile it will fall back to plain old sRGB.

    Currently on export you can convert to some built in rgb spaces. But I see how adding your own profiles including cmyk would be useful.

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    This kinda sorta brings up the question. What does Imerge send to the printer. It must be sRGB. What else can the driver expect?

    Also, the data is sent 8-bit. Big spaces like ProPhoto should not be used for 8-bit.

    So if the DOC gets converted to sRGB to send to the printer then why not convert to my printer/paper profile.

    I know Canon drivers can be told they are receiving AdobeRGB, otherwise they assume sRGB. This is you select the manual ICC color management feature. All I have ever done in any app Photoshop & On1 is have the app convert the image data to the printer profile and tell the driver to keeps its fingers off my data.

    Of course proper printer profile support is mandatory if you claim to print. This of course leads to the whole thing about a soft proofing feature...for another thread.

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    @NormanPCN you're correct, currently Imerge sends 8-bit sRGB to the printer. Yeah and to support this feature properly we would need some sort of soft proofing and gamut checking. Feel free to create another thread for that, or I guess as it's very related to this one you can just put your ideas here too.

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    @SamuelMorris @NormanPCN since the Feature Request forum is for the benefit of users being able to make suggestions AND for the benefit of the devs - small, dedicated features with up voting, I'll ask Samuel for a firm call on if soft proofing and gamut checking can combine with ICC profiles or be split. The Imerge requests (so far) are far fewer than Hitfilm, so you devs can probable handle a combination-topic thread, but it's your call how you want to organize the thread. Norman's cool - he'll make it work either way.

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    Yeah ok, go ahead and put it in a new thread. These are very related features, but I guess one is still useful without the other. Thanks @Triem23