Audio in Composite Shot

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Hi everyone,

So my dilemma is that when I drag and drop a video ONLY from trimmer to editor, and when I try to edit that shot with effects via by making it Composite Shot, it brings with it the original audio the clip came with. This makes it difficult for me to time and sync the effects with my chosen song.


I have a clip of me opening a box, from trimmer I drag and drop "USE VIDEO" of that clip to Editor, on top of my chosen song. When making it into a composite shot, the original audio of me opening that box is all I can hear and see in the Comp Shot Editor, not the music I picked.


  • NormanPCN
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    That is the way it works. You are taking the video clip and making a composite from that. If the video clip has audio then you get that in the comp. You can mute the audio in the comp layer as desired. Even if you have a different audio clip linked to the video in the editor that is ignored. If you have separate audio linked to the video clip in the editor timeline that will remain there and linked.

    Sadly you cannot copy/paste a clip from the editor timeline to to comp. Even if this only copied the clip with attributes of just the clip trim points that would be useful. To get an audio clip into the comp you will have to recreate it in the comp. Or you can make a comp from just the audio and then copy that layer and paste into you desired comp and then delete the unneeded comp.