HitFilm Express is crashing everytime i try to open it.

It started today to crash after my windows was updated! I was using the program normally in the past days.

Now it is constantly crashing and asks me if i want to send a report or not.

Also they mentioned something about the quicktime player..

Plz help


  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,154 Expert

    @MohamadAliSalloum Since your Windows recently updated there is a very real chance that MS rolled back your GPU drivers. I have seen @Triem23 mention that this happens a few times. You might check them to make sure they are indeed the latest drivers available from your GPU manufacturer. If you had Quicktime installed before it is possible that MS removed it on the update is all I think of for that message. We know they don't like each other much :)