Making a wide (putin) meme, need help remembering how to.

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So I have my composite shot and 2 other point layers. I forgot which order is goes for the parenting, can someone please help me on this? Maybe even a quick rundown from the get go in case I missed something would probably help.



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    What exactly are you trying to do? Not from a "wide putin" perspective, but just in general. In terms of what you want to do with (guessing) video footage, what's your end goal? Your question above is a bit vague. You mentioned having a couple of point layers in a composite shot, and commented about parenting, but there are no other details.

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    My end goal is to make a clip kin to the meme, it's super wide and follows a key interest (like Putin). Like, the video follows the character in a wide format, following their movements but the actual clip doesn't move.

    1. The character is tracked through its composite shot.

    I can't find it anywhere anymore but someone on Reddit told me I needed two point layers. I needed to parent one on another point and parent that on the composite clip (iirc) but I don't remember in which order.

    The different points allowed to have the clip stay still while the footage itself moved with the character.

    I hope that made it more clear.

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    @Magicman3K I can't see how even with 2 point tracking this would work without painstakingly rotoscoping the main character from the background, stretching that video layer to get the wide part then layering that video above the background clip and presumably covering the original main character in the process. But, I hasten to add, I had no clue this was a thing until yesterday so I may be approaching it all wrong.

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    Alright so I figured it out, got lucky with an old edit that had it.

    In your composite shot you need to create two point layers; A (Track) and B (Control)

    In your composite clip, add a track(er) and have it minimized (red box) as small as possible but have it maximized (green box) just enough to have some leeway with whatever you're tracking. Adjust accordingly throughout.

    Once you're done tracking you need to parent stuff... However, in your track (the one you just made) set the "Apply to layer" to point A (Track), then parent the points made from earlier in this order(? seems to work either way but still). Parent A to B and Composite to A.

    |Should read| - {Track [Point] 2. Control / Control [Point] None / Composite [Media] 1. Track}

    Then once that's done you can edit the field of view that's tracking via A's transform. Results vary ofc with the resolution of your original video.

    I believe that's what someone told me on Reddit, could be remembering wrong if anyone wants to check it.