is it possible to paste into a composite shot?

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Hi guys, not sure what's going on here. I've tried to copy a piece of audio from the main editor timeline into a composite shot without success. I can paste the copied item(s) in to other parts of the main timeline, but I can't paste them into a composite shot. Not sure why. There is an option to paste in a composite, which shows up in a drop down menu when I right click. It's just greyed out. Is it actually even possible to paste into a composite shot? I'm using HitFilm 15. Cheers 😊



  • Ady
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    @lozombie - You cannot copy assets from the Editor Timeline directly into a Composite, if you wish for an asset to be in a Composite Shot you can either drag it in to a Composite from the Media Panel or right click on the Asset on the Editor Timeline & select Make Composite Shot.

  • lozombie
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    @Ady thanks for that. Is there a requests part of this forum? I've dabbled in after effects before and it's handy being able to copy a particular piece of audio where you're at in the timeline and paste it directly into a composite shot. I like to do this to help get the timing of my visuals right. Scrubbing through the media panel to find to the point that you're already at in the timeline is just a wee bit slower way of doing this for work flow purposes. It'd be nice to have the other option. Cheers for your quick response.

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    @lozombie The Hitfilm Feature Request sub forum can be found here:

    Be sure to check out the the How-to-post article at the top of the forum as there is a specific way to format your suggestion.