Star Trek: Picard - Review (sort of) more rant :)

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Just watched this and I have to say, it is great to have Star Trek back!  Much like The Mandalorian did for Star Wars (in my opinion), ST: Picard is a great return to form of the Trek genre.  The revisionist BS that has been shoved down our throats in both franchises the past (almost) 2 decades has really worn on my last nerve.  Sadly, I blame ST: Enterprise for beginning it all in the Trek-verse and JJ for the Star Wars one.  I totally recommend checking it out.


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    While Disco certainly has its flaws, I think the thing that was the most hated about it was the streaming platform it was on. Unfortunately, Picard suffers from the same issue... even if Picard is spectacular, it’s gonna be rough trying to convince people to fork over money for 1 decent show. Disney+ is the same price, plus all of Disney (which is why D+ practically sells itself, while CBS AA is basically riding on a single franchise and praying it’s good enough).

    For the lucky people outside of the US, all you need is Amazon Prime for Picard, which would have been great since I already have Prime.

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    I was lucky enough to have a one month free in amazon prime so I got to see picard recently and I have to agree a great show. I really digged the controls on the ships, lovely.

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    Picard is what happens when you let the stars dictate the story too much.

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    @tddavis apologies if I come off too sarcastic, but which part of Picard wasn't too revisionist? The profanity, graphic violence, drug addiction or the Federation being a bunch of jerks who turned their back on people in need? There are also several continuity glitches between Picard and Next Gen.

    That cut n' paste Starfleet was pathetic and can be recreated in Hitfilm's particle sim in ten minutes. Even Picard's VFX artists complained about that sequence on social media. Seems artists were pulled off Discovery, given one model and one day to make that happen.

    I wish I'd enjoyed Picard, but I really didn't. Watched it on a free month of CBS All-Access and that was enough to know I won't be paying for the service.

    Fortunately we watched Picard before Discovery - so Discovery earned my scorn for Discovery s2 and Picard s1 basically having the exact main plot and theme - AIs are bad.

    Y'know Discovery would have been a better show if it had been contemporary with Picard. It wouldn't have been two seasons of "eventually we'll get to the 'never talk of the spore drive again,'" crap. Michael Burman would work better as Spock's adoptive kid than Sarek's adoptive kid who he likes much more than Spock or Sybok. Sigh. But it's a common Star Trek problem that all the prequels and reboots screw up Spock's plotline.

    Interesting you cite Enterprise. I'm nearing the end of my first watch-through, and, once you get past the terrible season 1 (the season 1 episode "Shuttlepod One" is where I gave up the first time around) it picks up a lot. Season four actually has me sad it got canceled right when it really got good.

    Ah, "Shuttlepod One." Possibly the worst episode of Trek ever. Reed and Tucker trapped in a shuttle talking about T'pol's bum cuz they think Enterprise was destroyed and their gonna run out of air and die. In reality Archer picked up survivors from a wreck and took them somewhere... So sloppy that the alien hull had "X-01" on it so Tucker and Reed would think it was Enterprise and Archer's negligence in not bothering to contact the sublight shuttle that's literally minutes away with a "hey, we picked these people up, and it'll take us six days to take them home and come back. You guys want to come back to Enterprise now, or just hang here and do your mission?" is just the writer's room drinking too much on the job. The nicest thing I can say about Picard is no character is as stupid as season 1 Archer. But season 4 Archer is a badass.

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    Well you can imagine I have an opinion or two . . . Picard was a wasted opportunity to see the good captain take care of business once again. Instead he was portrayed as old and frail and in very little command of anything. There were sparks where you could see decisiveness come to the front but this was often over shadowed by secondary characters and the gloomy plot. What becomes of Picard in the final episode of S1 is unsettling and it's my understanding that Patrick Stewart is less than enthusiastic about returning for S2 because of it.

    Discovery was a hot mess. Worm drive WTF? Not exactly science. Dune meets Starfleet.

    Enterprise was also squandered and wasted way too much time on a never before mentioned war with the Xindi. Would have rather seen the beginnings of the Federation, but by the time the show runners got to it, it was too late and canceled.

    The only bright spot on the horizon now is the Capt. Pike series. I hope we get to see it and get back to filling in canon - early Federation and the Romulan war. Though this predates Pike's Enterprise, you could write in character's who re-tell those times for the "present day" crew.

    Other than that - pretty much in agreement with @Triem23.

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    “...Dune meets Starfleet”

    Well it wouldn’t exactly be the first time

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    @Triem23 No, absolutely not sarcastic at all in my opinion. An honest summation of your thoughts. To be fair, I wrote that review the night after watching the premiere episode back in January and it did admittedly take a turn into territory I wasn't all that happy with myself by the end. But, when I say revisionist, I am referring to taking past history and rewriting it like Phlox un-Borg-afying crewmen a few centuries before the Borg were ever introduced to the Federation. No one had even seen a Ferengi until Enterprise D encountered them, yet Archer and crew beamed them aboard, the Xindi and Florida, need I say more? And no mention of it in TOS data archives at all! That is revisionism or shoddy writing. What Picard did was all after the events at the very beginning of JJ-Trek when Romulus blew up so I consider it more of an extrapolation because I don't recall them ever changing canon history in Picard. Even TNG flirted with the idea of elements of Star Fleet becoming militaristic like in Picard and it seemed that was largely due to Romulan (CCP??) infiltration into it which I found an acceptable scenario, but still not revisionism more a sad statement on current politics. When Enterprise started and they showed that shadowy figure from the future I thought I saw a way for the show to wrap up all the revision. I thought, ok, with this Time War business that is Shatner in silhouette and the NX-01 will never come back to Earth and report these log entries, but they killed that quick, so I thought they'll do a typical Star Trek resolution and wrap it all by Sam Becketting it and put history back to right. After the series ended (mercifully IMHO) I realized I had given the show runners far too much credit and revisionism was their game all along. Mind you, I don't mind discovering facts that may not have been revealed before but that takes study of the source and a determination to make it right, but you cannot alter facts to suit the story you want to least to my way of thinking. As for Discovery....whew, boy I won't even start on that load of ... er, feces. I do have high, high hopes for the Pike series, but they best be careful not to contradict canon. I think revisionism really bugs me so much because it has been done to school history books wholesale by Arthur Schesslinger and the Trilaterals since the 70s and that gets me going.😁 Anyway, that's my rationale for what I said back in January. The Mandalorian now, I'll fight to the death to defend that baby...Yoda! 🤣

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    Well maybe guys I have been starved of any good trek, so I just went with it. It was free so I ain't complaining...

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