[FEATURE] Collect All Media option

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Useful for gathering all the assets used in a project and bundling them up so that they can be uploaded/sent as one zipped file.


  • Triem23
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    To point at Vegas Pro their archiver also has an option to transcode project media to only keep the parts used. Let's say I've cut a three-camera Catholic wedding - so I'll have three camera streams, call it an hour each. The Vegas archiver will give the option of writing the final used timeline clips to new files and replace them on the timeline - with an option to "bookend," or write a user-defined time before/after the clips used to refine the edit. This reduces the saved media from the full three hours to just the hour used (plus bookends) to reduce the size of the archive.

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    This feature is strongly needed, especially for those who work with tens or hundreds media sources!

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