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I've imported some files, and there's a exclamation point inside a yellow triangle, right next to the settings icon.

When I reload them, it stays there. What's wrong and what should I do? Theres no messages or anything that tells me what this means.


  • CedricBonnier
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    @FrostDrive What media does this happen with? It sounds like the unsupported media icon. If you click on it, the error is displayed in the Trimmer panel.

  • FrostDrive
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    This is happening on mp4's mp3's and even wav's. It just seems random

  • FrostDrive
    FrostDrive Posts: 62 Just Starting Out*

    This is now happening with almost every audio file that I import. This is debillitating and I can't edit anymore. ):

  • frostdrivex
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    Here is what the error looks like. (I may be logged into another account now but this is OP)

    File Error

  • frostdrivex
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    UPDATE:  I uninstall and re-installed HitFilm and now these errors are gone.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @FrostDrive If this is still happening to you then please contact support and we can help you further.

  • JagerBtFM
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    I am having the same issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program. But that did not fix the issue.

    In the Import window, it will "think" for a long while, and then produce the yellow triangle with an ! in the middle. Nothing appears in the trimmer window except the words "The video frame can not be displayed."

    It has been happening with about every 3rd video I record. Frustrating to record a test video, have it work, then record the actual video and it gives an error. And the video format is .mp4 usually, a supported type.

    Anything else I can try to fix this issue?

  • NormanPCN
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    You have resurrected a very old thread. You are better off creating your own thread with your specifics. You don't know if your issue is the same. There are any number of items that can cause a file import incompatibility error.

    Actually your issues cannot be the same because the OP is reporting an issue with audio mp3 files. You are talking about video files.

    This thread is not even in the user support section of the forum. Any threads looking for help should be in the community support forum.

    And the video format is .mp4 usually, a supported type.

    .mp4 is a generic file type. It can contain any number of video/audio codecs, some of which Hitfilm does support and some of which it does not. 'codec' being the actual specific video/audio data.

    Usually Hitfilm will give an error code if you hover over one or both the the warning triangles. Of course those error codes mean nothing to us users, so you are probably best off contacting support. As was mentioned by a staff member.


    If your source video is from a screen capture, then that is realistically variable frame rate and variable frame rate video frequently poses issues, of many kinds. A solution here could be to transcode to constant frame rate. Extremely long videos have caused Hitfilm problems in the past. A solution here is to split the long video file into pieces. These are a couple of items I can guess at, and that is all anyone can do since you have given us no information other than something does not import.

    In the community support forum there is a sticky thread listing some good basic info to provide.

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