Export to Philips TV

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I have just started on HitFilm Express, and I have a problem exporting to a format my Philips TV (8000-series) will understand. I have tried standard YouTube format, but the file will not be vissible when I try to export from my Media Server, and when I try to put the file on a USB stick, it will be visible, but will never start.

Any chance to make it work?





  • chrigufchriguf Website User Posts: 287 Just Starting Out

    Have you a mediabox (dnla) like a router with usb or Playstation etc.,?

    my older Philips tv have the Same issue, but usb-stick connect to internetbox(Router) all media-Format will be Playable

  • UlfHUlfH Website User Posts: 5

    Sorry, but it looks like I have started down the right road. I'm now able to see the files, (looks like the TV had changed adderess without me notising), so now I just have to find a format that I can use. Might have to use a vido converter, but time will show


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