Can you import projects from Final Cut?

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Can you import projects from Final Cut? FC is giving me issues and I seem to be stuck looking for an alternative video editing software. However I have projects in there that would be incredibly time-consuming to re-edit. I'm wondering if there is a way to export them into Hit Film Express? I would appreciate your help! Thanks!


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    Hitfilm can not import projects from Final Cut. Hitfilm is unable to import or Export XML.

    I will say DaVinci Resolve can.

    I would ask you to to return to the Wishlist thread and request XML import/export. (I've done it myself already) 

    You will see I deleted your comment from the Wishlist thread. That thread is to request new features of the devs, and I've answered you here. ?

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    I've been looking into alternatives all morning because I need to get my videos done, and I've run across DaVinci but it's too expensive for me. 

    Do you think Hitfilm will add this feature? I mean I'll gladly use it if it's a feature that will arrive in the future so at least I have hope of saving my projects. I mean heck I need to use something else anyway since FC quit on me, but it would be nice to know I won't have to change programs yet again and lose more projects in the process!

    So should I re-post in the Wishlist thread? A bit confused, I did request it as a new feature but you deleted it? 

    Thanks for your reply! It's been a frustrating morning! lol

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    Oh.... sorry just now looking into DaVinci again and they have a free version...?? Might work, might work!

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    Ah, DaVinci has a free version as you've noticed. 

    I deleted the post in the Wishlist because it was phrased as "Can Hitfilm do this?" instead of "Can you add this to Hitfilm." The first needs a yes/no answer. Also, in general we avoid duplicate questions. It's a subtle difference, but "Can Hitfilm do" instead of "Can Hitfilm add" was enough, in my judgment, to delete one. However, I also wanted to let you know so you could rephrase the "Can Hitfilm do" as a feature request. 

    I would hope Hitfilm can add this in the future, but there are several hurdles. First, The FXHOME team do surveys a couple of times a year and use that feedback to prioritize new features. Chances are there honestly aren't too many Hitfilm users needing XML import/export. Second, FXHOME is a small company. I believe only seven developers/programmers are assigned to Hitfilm and that a couple of them are also on a different product line (this is a good time to note the forum Mods aren't FXHOME Staff, but user volunteers who clean up Spam.). Some of the competitors have literally hundreds of programmers on their products. FXHOME's developers work magic in a short time, but they have limited resources. Third, XML import/export is very limited. Implementation won't do what you think it will.

    Let's assume you start using Resolve and export XML from FCPX. What you SHOULD get is a cuts only timeline. Transitions effects and grades will be gone. Why? Different software has different capabilities. FCP has a different effects engine from Resolve, so FCPX effects literally cannot work in Resolve. You're going to have to do a fair amount of re-editing no matter what! That said, even keeping the cuts will save a lot of labor.

    Take a look at Resolve. It it meets your needs, awesome! If not, come back and take a look at Hitfilm. Heck, download the free versions of both. Try Resolve for finishing your older FCPX projects, and try something new in Hitfilm. Maybe you'll like Hitfilm and move to it for future projects. Maybe Resolve will be to your liking and will be your new editor. Either way, as long as you can make your own videos, that's all that matters. 

    We're not competitive here. ? While the FXHOME team would love to have more users, they understand Hitfilm can't do everything. They use other programs too. ?

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    I'm attempting the Resolve now, thanks for the tip on transitions, didn't know that! Those won't be too difficult to add. 

    Glad to know there are alternatives out here though! 

    Thanks so much! :-)

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    You're welcome. Come back anytime! 

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