3d Planes and Quick 3d effects

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edited March 2020 in Post-production techniques

OK, so before I hit the sheets I was playing with the Quick 3d Fluffy clouds and the Large flame explosion. What confused me (easily done) was that even when I moved one effect (both in 3d mode) in front of the other it made no difference to the visibility of the other. The flame effect is above fluffy clouds in the layer comp stack and by my logic that means if I put it behind the cloud in 3d space on the Z it should be somewhat hidden by the fluffy clouds but it seems not to be.

my head hurts.

PS: If I change the blend mode to ADD or such then the effect is brighter but still same thing happens.

PPS: If I made a new plane say blue solid and make it 3d. It will not mask the other two layers in 3d space until the plane is almost touching the 3d camera on the Z axis.