My Dragon short film so far...

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Hi all, this year 2020, I have been working on a short film about a dragon. I don't want to go to deep into it as I don't like spoiling. 

So, the trouble I've got myself into is that, its meant to be a 5 minute short and I have already gone over 5 minutes..  strangely.. 

So here is a pic of the time line of my short film , I still have one scene left to film and will reach up to 6 minutes and a bit more.. I know its all about editing.. But what would you guys suggest?

Time line pic of scenes so far




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    My short film is filmed!.. It's a wrap..

    But I have lots and lots of editing to do, like white balance, colour curves, grading etc.. All the dragon animation scenes are done too with voice overs.

    it's now like a drama/fantasy genre .  But i am not sure if anyone will be interested in viewing it..