Frozen video when increased speed of a clip at timeline

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I have started a new project in v.14 of Hitfilm Express and found out, that video freezes when I increase speed/duration of a clip at timeline (e.g 150%).
Part of the affected clip is working fine (approximately first 10-40%), the rest is frozen.
Preview (Alt+L) nor Prerender doesn't help. The part is frozen also at final export.
I checked different files, all have the same behaviour.
I have tried to open older projects, edited with previous version of Hitfilm Express, and parts with increased duration/speed are partially frozen now.
Any suggestions?


  • DrayJared
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    This is also happening to me, I actually just posted a discussion about it myself it seems that the composite shot is the problem, I don't know what it is with it, even when i slow or speed it up in the editor and make it a composite it still happens, and as it seems it happens with both rate stretch and speed effect i don't know a fix i might try reinstalling and getting back to you with any solutions and fixes.

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    As I mentioned in the newer thread, I think this may be a known bug we are looking into. It may be worthwhile providing as much information as you can about your project structure and machine specs so we can attempt to reproduce and diagnose the problem on our end, thanks.

  • MilVod
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    I confirm that the issue with Rate Stretch tool happens only inside composite shot, as mentioned DrayJared. It works properly in Editor. Bellow you can find a configuration of my environment.


    • CPU: i3-6100 3.7GHz
    • GPU: GeForce GTX 950
    • RAM: 8 GB


    •  Windows 10 Home, v1903, build 18362.592

    Hitfilm Project config

    • Template 1080p FullHD @ 24 fps


  • MilVod
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    The issue with stretch tool remains in HitFilmExpress_x64_14.2.9727.07202

  • MilVod
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    The issue with stretch tool is fixed in HitFilmExpress_x64_14.3.9931.38452

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