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Hey Guys,

i like to use my Hitfilm Pro 14 to create some 2d animations. Is there a way to export some properties like transformation etc. of an element to use the data somewhere else (eg. game engine)?



  • triforcefxtriforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,119 Moderator

    @ChristianGreiner To my knowledge, HitFilm projects are currently incompatible with any other software, besides some Vegas products. In the future, a tool such as Action Pro may be able to export some of its data to other software, but I don’t believe this is currently available.

    Video editing software in general is typically incompatible with other editing software, especially from other companies, as companies develop mostly proprietary systems and interfaces within the software. 

    One of the few areas I’ll give Adobe credit is in the integration between other Adobe products, though Adobe still doesn’t play nicely with other people’s products. If your game engine happened to be from Adobe, your best bet would be to use another Adobe product to create your animations. (The mods will probably flag me now for mentioning Adobe so many times lol)

    Going back to HitFilm though, your only real option is to adjust your key frames in HitFilm and use exported files in your other software. Or, just learn how to build the animation in the engine itself.

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