Blurry floor plane when using projector

Hi all! I'm trying to composite a 3d object into a scene and I'm trying to use the floor plane demonstrated in the "How to light 3d models realistically" youtube YouTube so that the object can cast a shadow and have ambient occlusion etc. It works, but the resulting projection is noticeably blurrier than the raw footage - by making each layer visible or hidden I can compare directly and it's not a perception thing.

I'm a new user and probably over-stretching, but I guess that's not uncommon given how great Hitfilm is to use! I did a quick forum search but the only thing that sounded close was this, which looks like it was resolved  some time ago.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


  • Triem23
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    Question. What is the size of the plane you are projecting on?

    I've found that the resolution of the plane can effect the quality of the projected map. So, if, for example, you've used a fairly small plane (say 1000x1000) and scaled it up it will be blurrier than if I'd used a 4000x4000 plane.

    So, try replacing the floor with a plane created at a larger pixel dimension. To speed this up, create the new plane, parent it to the existing floor, then set the position/rotation/orientation values on the new plane to 0. This snaps the new plane into the position of the original. Then copy/paste the Projection effect over and mute the first layer. 

    On a similar note if your floor plane extends back behind the (projector) camera it's not mapped by the projection effect. That's wasting available texture space, so slide your floor plane back into position so it lines up with the projected map.

    Hope this helps! 

  • shimmip
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    Aha, this will almost certainly be it! I've spent so long noodling with the testbed shot I'd forgotten the damn plane had a resolution and at some point I stretched it out a LOT to be a reference plane for objects sitting on the "floor". When I get home I'll do as you suggest to make a reference plane that is big and a shadow catcher that is appropriately sized - pretty sure that'll nail it. Thanks so much!

  • laconstantedeplanck
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    I know this thread is old but I'd like to say that after searching for this issue and trying what @Triem23 suggests, it works nice and smooth. In my case switching from a 1920x1440 plane to a 4000x4000 one, the quality improved a lot.