Adding phone UI screenshots to 3D model in Hitfilm

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I have a .obj model of a phone in hitfilm which has a blank screen, and which I'd like to replace with static screenshots or better yet a comp of an animated UI. How can I achieve this in Hitfilm? Up to now I would basically add the screenshot / comp as a separate layer on top of the 3D model and parent it to the model, however I now have a model of an iPhone X where there is a notch and rounded corners which mean you can't get away with this approach. Any tips?


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    @stevenz Would it be possible to mask the screen on the phone model in Hitfilm and "cut out" that section then drop your UI comp or animation in behind or under that model in the layer stack and size it to have just the slightest overlap under the edge of the phone screen?  

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    This sounds like a job for HitFilm’s brand new “video textures”.

    Basically, you’ll open the model texture as its own Composite shot, and replace the screen area with a video/image of your own choosing. There might be some masking involved if the screen shape is irregular.

    Skip to 13:41 in this video from @FilmSensei for a quick breakdown of how to use live textures:


    Edit: PS, I think this might be the best method of doing a screen replacement on a device with rounded edgessuch as the Galaxy S10

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     @triforcefx - thank you! This is a game changer! Now, do you have any advice about the correct settings to use in the 3D model texture settings so that whatever texture I apply it always appears bright and independent of any lighting setup, like the phone of a screen would in real life? I can only seem to achieve it looking quite dull. I need it to look backlit, ultimately.

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    @stevenz You might try giving it an emissive material then use a glow or gleam effect.  Note:  this is just the first thought I had on it and I have not tried this.  On my phone so I can't test it.

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