Space Janitors

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A new web series that has just put up a pilot, this one is interesting as a lot of the effects look like they could be achieved in HitFilm. Budget-wise, they've said they're spending considerably more than the average indie film, but a lot less than any TV show.
If you have 4 minutes to spare, check out the pilot (The Escapist, so no embedding I'm afraid!)
[quote]The year is 2411.
The Evil Empire's flagship space station is in place to destroy some pesky planet. But the slaughter is on hold. Someone needs to clean the phase-array mirrors. Welcome to the exciting world of Space Janitors.
Get ready for your first glimpse into the behind-the-scenes day-to-day operations of an iconic evil space station. Few people stop to consider that, for every Dark Lord, there are ten thousand minions who need working toilets. And when you're plotting to take over the universe, you don't really want to worry about whether or not the trash needs to be taken out.
That's where the Space Janitors come in. While the rest of the galaxy thrills to the cinematic exploits of aliens, androids and heroic amputees, the real work is being done by the men and women who are behind the scenes buffing out the laser scorch marks in the hangar, mopping up some Rebel's guts at the bottom of not-so-bottomless pit, and ensuring that the Emperor's private bathroom always has plenty of toilet paper.
The soft kind.
The pilot premieres here on The Escapist on February 24, after which we'll follow the whole production for six weeks in a series of "making of" videos before the show itself kicks off in early April.
Stay tuned. Things are about to get messy, then a little cleaner, and then messy again.[/quote]


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    I quite liked it, but that maybe because I have some fond memories of Red Dwarf. :D
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    Except I think Red Dwarf - I can't believe I'm going to say this - had better SFX. Lol.
    Nah it seems like a decent concept, shot and acted well enough, but the cgi stood out a mile to me and was quite distracting which is something that never really bothers me at all. Weird.