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I am starting to have quite a large collection of VFX footage clips (from Action VFX and similar places) and it is getting a bit cumbersome to open each file separately when trying to find a certain effect. Does anyone know of a good video clip catalouger? Preferably one that would create small preview clips of each file. Similar to how you can preview effects on Action VFXs web site.


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    I found this whilst searching on Google https://video-management.zeef.com/stephan.lechner

    I'm currently trying out Video Hub App 2 which doesn't seem too bad and also allows you to check content before opening. Fast Video Tracker looks very good but I find it quite expensive for what I need.

    I import videos from my cameras along with images.  I used to use Lightroom, but recently I switched to ON1 Photo Raw (via ACDsee), but a video-only solution would be better. What I can't find is a SW that lets me  select videos and  drag & drop them into HitFilm or any other video SW. I can use 'Send To Application' in ON1 but that either opens up a new instance of the destination program, even if it's running, or the destination program only recognises the first or last video in the selection (or ignores all the files).

    I'm sure there are a few more ideas and solutions in the FXHome forums

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    Thanks for the tips. I tested Fast video cataloger and does excatly what I want. With nice previews and good search function. Probably will have to get that even if it is expensive, unless I can find something cheaper.
    I guess another alternative would be to setup a local site that runs Mediadrop but not sure how well that would work.

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     @KimFrames yesterday I downloaded the trial version of TMPGEnc KARMA.. Plus 2 from Zeef's list and it offers everything I was looking for and the full version is only $50. It supports thumbnail videos of each video it catalogues, categories and colour flagging, and I found I can also drag and drop single or multiple files directly into the Media folder of HitFilm, or other programs. Maybe it covers your requirements too. Unfortunately it doesn't support adding tags to clips (or I've not found it yet)


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    FYI.......... 1/2/2020 ...... 3:55 PM....... I just got a warning when I was checking the  Video Hub App 2  demo installer with Bitdefender.  It said it blocked it from installing.  I almost never get that happening.  So....... kinda' suspect.



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    I have now tested TMPGEnc Karma 2, while it doesnt have the always autoplaying previews on all videos like Fast video cataloger (only on mouseover), I do like it better. My only (highly personal) gripe I have with it is the license and the forced phoning home to check it. Why cant all software use the same licensing functionality as Affinity? No need to go online to activate their products, I just input my license key and it works! Feels nice to actually own the software I buy you know.

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    I just did some testing of the demo version of TMPGEnc Karma 2 also.... and so far... I like it.  Got 30 days to make a decision on buying.  Price is not bad.



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