odd film job

I think I just picked up my oddest filming job ever
I just got hired to film .... a funeral


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    Hey, I've done a couple those, and they're a piece of cake.
    The beauty is there's very little sound, except for the preacher's spiel, so instead of fooling with a lav mic, I set the whole thing to sad music.
    Nobody really cares about the details, they just want to honor their dead, and so long as you memorialize their kin in a thoughtful and caring way, they'll love it.
    Wedding videos get a 5 minute look and then thrown in the closet, funerals get about one minute. I don't know why people pay good money for this stuff, except maybe a DVD for relatives that couldn't make it.
    On mine I set up three Flips on tripods, and moved around with my DSLR to catch whatever action there is, like lowering the urn or casket and throwing the roses in.
    I even take a rose myself and shoot my arm tossing it in the hole. It's a great effect, like you're there in the scene.
    PM me, and I'll link you to one of mine. I can't show it in public out of respect.
  • I used to joke that i'd shoot anything for money, birthdays, weddings, funerals... I never really thought anyone would ever ask me to film a funeral.
    It shouldn't be too hard. This is just the memorial service. Not the grave side service. I figured i'd book end it with sort of a photo slide show, maybe a short bible verse, some soft music.
    I figure it will be easier than a wedding, i hate shooting weddings.
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    Hmmm....just the service in the chapel?
    I would never do a wedding. It's too much pressure.
    Actually, the funeral homes do have video packages you can buy along with the service. I saw that at Rose Hills in LA area.
    I suppose they just sub-contract it out, so it's probably expensive.
    The hospitals do that too with the baby photographers. Some company has a lock on that here. So you can shoot the baby au naturale fresh out of the oven.
    Another thing I've been seeing more and more of is personal videographers accompanying tourists.
  • And I thought i'd been asked to film some strange things
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    It's not strange. It's a basic human ritual.
    Doing porno work, now that's strange! Hahaha.
  • you have no idea how many times i have gotten asked to do that
    usually the first thing people ask when i tell them i am an independent film maker is "do you make pornos?"
    it amazes me that that is the first place their mind goes.
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    Hahaha, I try to keep up with what's going on in life via the internet, and I'm into music production too, so I browse a lot of the DJ and party stuff.
    I'm shocked at how crazy some people are.
    It's not just flashing anymore, it's hardcore in public venues now. In the last couple years, everything went extreme and shocking, have you noticed?
    Even the normal broadcast TV is all blinged up with lots of fast cuts and crazy transitions. Motion graphics is king now, instead of content.
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    I don't watch tv and my neighbors are cows, here a club is a large block of wood used to bash things with