THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    Signature line - Would allow users to say...  list their system specs

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    @GrayMotion this is something we are working on improving, but we currently have to divert attention elsewhere. I'll take this on board though, thanks.

  • I came here to thank you for adding support for 10 bit 422 files from GH5.  Thank you so much.  By the way, as mentioned in the main list, having a dedicated page similar to DaVinci Resolve or the new Color page in Vegas Pro 17 would be an excellent addition.  Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • Hey,
    copied from my other discussion, not sure which is the better place to write this:

    • Audio Effects on Tracks: Being able to set a (for example) compressor on the whole audio  track  for multiple videos is a really important thing. Otherwise with 100 of clips using the same effect on all of them and having to change it hundreds of times is not an option ...
    • More Zoom levels: right now, with my current footage, I can choose between zoom too close and zoom too far away. More zoom levels (or even a more flexible way) would be better (like in FLstudio for example)
    • Overlap warning: Sometimes when moving huge clips around - you can accidentally overlap a smaller one that is somewhere on the timeline. Right now it just disappears. There should be a warning (or automatically be moved to another layer)
    • quick transitions: Doing a cross dissolve / cross fade combination is the most common thing. Maybe when pressing a key like shift while  dragging one video over another, a transition could be automatically added. (also a transition switcher might make sense, to just quickly exchange one transition against another one)
    • quick rotate/scale (portrait / landscape handling): If you have footage that was accidentally interpreted as portrait, but is really landscape, it is formatted very strange (wrong aspect). You have to manually rotate and scale (and even center). There should be a quicker way, since this is a common problem.



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    @mutenhoshi are you using the current version of the software? As there was an update to zooming that allowed you to go between 1.25% and 6400% when zooming on the viewer based on the size of your media.

    For your last point, you may be able to right click the media on the timeline to quickly scale/adjust the transform of the media.

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    @TheBenNorris my guess is @mutenhoshi is on Express 13.1 and the zoom enhancement is in 14. The good news is, once Express 14 drops hOSHI's wish is fulfilled! ?

    As to the other wishes. 

    Regarding a "track level" effects routing. I've had the same wish on audio AND video tracks for years, so I +1 again, and refer to Vegas as an operational example. 

    Quick transitions. I propose a right click Transitions menu similar to your brilliant effects pop-up. Maybe with a button at the bottom for left/right of clip. Then again your pop up might include transitions in an Editor Timeline. I never checked. If so, then Express 14 grants hOSHI another wish. 

    Quick scale. Hoshi, if you right-click media on a timeline you'll see some quick scaling options to resize media to the timeline. However, adding a "Rotate 90/180-degrees counter/clockwise option would be a good thing for portrait/landscape correction and for dealing with the occasional upside down footage. 

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    You what would really be a cool feature?

    Currently, if you left-click and drag an asset such as a plane, image or video, it moves the asset adjusting the position data. How about a shortcut key (i.e. Shift, Alt or Ctrl) where if you hold that down and left-click to grab and move, it moves the asset but adjusts the anchor point data instead of the position point data. In other words, the asset moves but the position widget doesn't, as if I was sliding the anchor point numbers under the transform properties instead of the position numbers.

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    @FilmSensei that's an interesting idea. I'm personally confused as to why moving the anchor point in the viewer doesn't actually move the anchor point like it does in other software (such as PS). I'll bring up this and a few other anchor-related items to the team.

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    "More Zoom levels: right now, with my current footage, I can choose between zoom too close and zoom too far away. More zoom levels (or even a more flexible way) would be better (like in FLstudio for example)"

    I will +1 this. I have previously suggested some change(s) in this regard. I'll repeat myself here.

    Zoom scale curve. Way too fast initially and then super slow at the end (zoomed in). Vegas has the best zoom but let's not go that far. Resolve has a very very similar zoom function to Hitfilm, but is way easier to use since it does not have this crazy scale curve.

    Zoom points 5 minute timeline. 5:0;0, 2:09;0, 47;19, 23;12, 15;18, 9;04, 7;28, 6;13, 5;18, 3;06, 2;21, 2;10, 2;02, 1;26, 1;21, 1;17, 1;15, 1;13, 1;11, 1;10. Bottom scale One frame change. Mid(!) scale, 11 frames. Woof. Dragging the zoom slider has more levels but is still too fast/jumpy at the low end of the scale due to the curve slope.


    Change the curve to something linear. At least much more linear.

    Don't waste so many zoom levels from 5 seconds down. Having half the zoom scales below a 5 second view does not make sense. I think we users understand that when zoomed in a lot we know are going to be doing a bunch of to timeline scrolling due to being zoomed in so much. We need more zoom scale points/stops at the longer end so we can get a good view without the need to frequently scroll. Also, short clips don't show well at outer zoom scales.

    Since the zoom slider control has more zoom levels/positions on the zoom curve, then the 20 levels the mouse wheel offers is kinda limiting with the current zoom curve being used. It is quite easy/fast to spin that scroll wheel. So having more increments to the wheel does not seem problematic. A better/no curve scale is far more important.

    New: Have a zoom to fit feature. e.g. Timeline scaled and scrolled such that the in/out points fill the available timeline view as best as possible. If/when HF has timeline marker regions, then we can select a region and do a zoom to fit on the region duration. Quick and easy.

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    +1 to Norman, although I appreciate the team adding more zoom levels in HF 14. It's a step in the right direction. 

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    Just to clear crystal clear. Yes, more zoom levels with the mouse wheel would ne nice. I still see only 20 wheel levels in 14. Same as before. There typically are more levels available when using the zoom control. Most times that slider is probably at least 50 pixels wide. This is mouse movement that does not accomplish an edit task so one can argue efficiency. That is another story.

    The real problem in the zoom scale curve. It is a whopper of a curve. Even with 1000 zoom levels, half of the zoom view levels would be from a handful of seconds and down. How is that useful/functional. One can argue, and I am, that 10 scale levels below a 5 second view is not useful/functional. That is what we currently have.

    With a reasonable zoom scale curve even the current 20 levels would/could work well.

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    Also 1+ to Norman. The current zoom levels make it difficult to work on larger projects. Also a “Zoom to fit” (show the Contents of the entire project in the timeline window) would be a welcome addition, preferably in a button on the timeline.

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    I understand that it is known that the keyboard shortcuts do not work in the viewer.

    It would be really handy, as well as the shortcuts working, to have the hand tool temporarily selected when the spacebar is held down, as it does in Photoshop.

    There are many instances where I want to switch between the pointer and hand tool and back again, especially when moving around the viewer when zoomed in a lot, perhaps when assigning a tracking point.

    Common scenario is to zoom in a long way, move with hand tool to a particular area, switch back to pointer to move the tracking point, resize it etc. then back to hand tool and so on.Requires multiple mouse clicks and is very clunky, untoggled space bar swap to hand tool would be awesome! Thanks 

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    @escher303 I understand what you mean, and I'm pretty sure that right click (I may be wrong) does this same behavior. If you hold it down, you temporarily switch to the hand tool.

    @NormanPCN, I misunderstood OP, and I was referring to zoom levels in the viewer, not the timeline. Additional zoom/improvements for the timeline is something I have been looking at but has more implications than expected, so I hope to look at it again at some point in the future, as I agree it is too sensitive.

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    @TheBenNorris you're absolutely right, right click does do that, very helpful, thank you.

    Is there a place where these type of shortcuts are documented? I have only managed to find keyboard shortcuts.

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    @escher303 I'm not sure unfortunately, perhaps @AxelWilkinson knows.

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    A single Scale to Fit button on the viewer, to quickly reset after zooming in/out.

    Also, the ability to change the default Export button option between In-Out and Contents

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    "A single Scale to Fit button on the viewer, to quickly reset after zooming in/out."

    Now that would be nice!

    "Also, the ability to change the default Export button option between In-Out and Contents"

    Agreed. Seems very odd that the default is the in/out region. But hey that's me. Preference is always best but without a pref I vote for Contents being the default.


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    @escher303 - the controls are found in the manual. The right-click to pan feature is explained on the Introducing the Viewer page, in the section discussing the hand control.

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    I really do love how much the team has taken onboard and how much they've listened to deliver an amazing product! I'm also really impressed jumping from Hitfilm 4 to 14 how insane the speed up is - it's now a properly fast piece of software and with video copilot and other adobe plugin support, this makes it in my mind a genuine candidate for AE replacement, so massive props to the team at fxhome!

    That being said, there are still a few issues/things I wouldn't mind seeing.

    I know the license fees are probably steep, but we NEED h265 support asap! Putting aside how more and more mirrorless cameras are starting to shoot with that codec, iPhones (and I imagine some android too) now like to shoot in h265 in the camera app (and the in phone mp4 conversion is known to be buggy as hell so many people just download the straight .mov files), and for a piece of software that's so amazingly geared towards indie or beginner filmmakers, it's a huge shame they can't edit films shot on their phones without throwing ffmpeg at them first which is always daunting for even the most experienced people!

    Some sort of stabilization plugin would be amazing to have given the feature-set of the competition

    Might be a bit too much of a pain to implement, but a toggle-able automatic background render/cache setting (kinda like what final cut does) would be awesome for slightly heavier VFX projects!

    and finally (and this is a longshot coz I don't know how this sits with license agreements with the foundry and mocha so I would understand if your hands were tied),  a way to export the comp camera for use in blender or other 3d software - having a solver is amazing, but 3d rendering in hitfilm is still comparatively limited and it would be really great if we could render something in blender using a camera solved (for vfx) or just general comp camera movement (thinking motion graphics too) so it could just slot back into the scene when we get back to compositing!

    Awesome piece of software, great team, can't wait to see what happens next given the leaps made so far!

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     Hitfilm is still lacking the ability of these things

    Having text follow a motion path like in AE

    Having more distortion like venison blinds( AE effect)...Yes I get Fractal noise is half the battle but it would be nice to see quicker setups like After Effects.    

    Having the ability to move the anchor point in the viewport....the mask anchor point we can move, why can't we move the regular anchor point? 

    Having shortcuts S for scale and p for position and etc....The search bar takes time...its good if you want to search for something but not when you want to just do a simple keyframe for scale or whatever you want.  Coming from After Effects its a thing that I miss a lot.  

    Having the ability to do scripting in Hitfilm....The behaviors are "weak" in my opinion.    They don't allow a lot of wiggle room to do advanced things quickly.   

    Having a grade layer in the edit timeline would be nice 

    Having the ability to color-code our folders in the media bin. 

    Just in general better organization in the media bin like rating our footage more search criteria like in premiere.  

    As an After Effect and a Premiere user, it is hard to completely switch over to Hitfilm completely.   I understand also that Fx Home is a small team.  I get that but in my opinion, there are so many "obvious" main features that people have been asking for to speed up there workflow.  Like we finally got the ability to lock layers but users had to wait for years.  Locking layers is one of the best features we have received. I use it a lot.  But for features like behaviors meh not so much.  I hope I'm not sounding like I'm ranting but this is how I feel about wishlist items are prioritized.   How are things prioritized?  I know I have asked previously but I don't think anyone actually answered.     Sometimes it just feels like there are features that dont speed up the workflow.   Thanks


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    @Andersen01498 The reason some of these features have not been implemented is that they simply require so much back-end work that they would potentially result in updates that appear to have no new features. When we organise and prioritise features to decide what will be added into the next version we must ensure there are enough user facing features to excite the users, and not leave them questioning what is new.

    Most of the points you have raised are things that are on our radar, but as you can hopefully understand we cannot simply create them overnight.

    In the future we are looking to improve the forum as well as substantially improving the wishlist so users can more easily vote on upcoming features or something similar, but I am not sure when this will happen as we have been an extremely busy bunch lately.

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    Is there any way to import vector-based elements into Hitfilm Pro yet? As someone who works in the graphic arts industry, specifically print, it would be so much more convenient to be able to import company logos which are .eps files, or even .svg files, without having to rasterize them all. Maybe convert the vector shapes which make up the graphic into grouped mask elements which have been colourized accordingly, or something like that?

    Plus - and I may just be speaking for myself - I'd much prefer to create titling elements in a vector illustration program, and import and animate those created elements in Hitfilm. That way, you wouldn't need to worry about image degradation when scaling those elements.



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    @zobo1942 vector import in Hitfilm is still limited to what the Boris 3D unit can handle. 

  • Andersen01498
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    +1 on vector support that would be nice

    @TheBenNorris Thank you for your explanation! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you

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    A "Data Mosh" Effect for transitions or just some fun artistic glitchy stuff.

  • The editor really really needs a way to apply transitions across ..multiple clips.
    or atleast a way to copy and paste transitions.

    The editing process is unbelievably slow due to this.

  • NormanPCN
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    "The editor really really needs a way to apply transitions across ..multiple clips.
    or atleast a way to copy and paste transitions."

    +1 to this.

    I'll repeat a previous suggestion that a Ctrl+drag function be supported for transitions. The action being the same as a Ctrl+drag action for a timeline clip. This being to duplicate the dragged transition for a drop someplace else. 

  • I recently got into HitFilm Pro, and have been poking around just to feel it out, and one thing immediately jumped out at me. Theres no option to zoom in/out on the timeline by dragging the edges of the timeline scrollbar handle. I'm very used to it and for me it's much more efficient than only having the zoombar to the lower left and some hotkeys.

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