Hitfilm 14 Export Issue (Alpha changing during export) [SOLVED]

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edited December 2019 in HitFilm

Ever since the new update to Hitfilm, I've just been like eh. First of all, my export profile is the same as the one in Hitfilm 13 but once exported, the file plays back but at certain points it gets choppy and then the compression goes out the window into blocks and back. Okay let's pre render the same clip, okay no choppiness, no compression mess up (don't tell me that it happens when in Hitfilm 13 it does not with the profile that I use) anyway, is this a hardware issue then?

There has been a new update today apparently for Hitfilm which makes no sense since I've tried to export the exact same clip which now look at this, 15 minutes rendering and still says starting? I've rebooted (15 minutes now) and everything and it still says starting... What is happening?




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