Animating a property across multiple clips



I want to create a montage of various clips of different lengths that run one after the other. I want the montage as a whole to slowly increase in opacity so that it fades in from black over a period of time (not the duration of the whole montage, it will just fade in for part of it and then stay at full opacity). For one clip, I would add keyframes for the Opacity control, but I can't do this across multiple clips. Is there a way to do this without having to render only my montage as its own project?




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    @Fukastu You might try taking the clips that are going to fade in (however many you need for the time) and drop them into a composite shot and adjust the layers end to end so they run consecutively.  Then you give a name like fade in and go back to you timeline and drag that composite on it.  I think you should be able to keyframe the opacity of that composite from there.  Haven't tried this so it's a guess/suggestion.

    Alternately, you could keyframe each click separately but starting the next with the same opacity value that click before it had at its end.  It would take a lot of math and planning though.  Hope this helps you out a little.

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    How would I drag them into a composite shot? They are all cut from the same clip in the Media tab, so would I have to cut it again? That seems rather tedious. 

    Thanks for your help :)

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    @Fukastu Ah, I see.  Hadn't considered that.  Thought they were separate clips.  Sorry.

  • I ended up just doing it manually, with a line that was approximately straight (because I couldn't be bothered to remember 8th grade maths to figure out the precise numbers). It would be nice if Hitfilm had a way to easily do this.

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    @Fukastu could you put a black plane over the entire sequence, keyframing the opacity of that instead? When at 100% opacity the black plane would be like the clips faded out, and at 0% the clips at full visibility.