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Sohel23Sohel23 Website User Posts: 1

When I am trying to export my video in HitFilm Express 13 , it stops within few sexonds and show the message "Process finished unexpectedly".

How I can fix this?

I really need help


  • triforcefxtriforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,045 Moderator


    It probably doesn't like one of your clips or the effects on it. At what point does it stop? Is it right before a specific clip? If so, what effects do you have on it? Could you send us a MediaInfo report on that clip?

    How much free space do you have on your drive? What are your export settings?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,039 Ambassador

    Also, system specs. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? Are your GPU drivers current and have you installed all critical OS updates? 

  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator Posts: 5,224 Staff

    Can you also please go to File > Options, click the Export tab, and give us the location for your Default Snapshot Directory?

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