Particle Lightnig?! How?

DasCalver Posts: 18 Just Starting Out

I want to make my Particles lighten the walls just like in this Video.
Can someone help me?
And by the way... How do -i make them move like that?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    edited February 2012
    first, you need to create the shape of the room using planes, arranged to form the walls, ceiling, and floor. then, create a light layer, color it to match the particles, place it in the center of he particles, and parent it to the particles. Now as the particles move, the light will move with them, and illuminate the walls any time they come within the range of the light. For more information on creating and controlling lights, I recommend this tutorial:
  • DasCalver
    DasCalver Posts: 18 Just Starting Out
    I know that. But I thounght it may be possible that every Particle illuminates my it self.
  • SimonKJones
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    Particles don't have illumination themselves. The video you posted was done by linking lights to the particle position. I used a similar technique in this video, where light layers were parented to the heads of the particle streams so that the floor was illuminated as they passed close by:

    Having particles able to cast light would be infinitely cool, I agree, although I suspect it would be insanely performance intensive. Which isn't to say it's impossible (our tech guys are also insanely good), but it's not on our to-do list at the moment.