Can Hitfilm Express do this ?

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I'd like to get familiar with Hitfilm, and thought a good way of doing that would be to download Hitfilm Express and learn the interface and how to get around in it.

I was watching an old tutorial for Hitfilm that was good, and was wondering if this could be done in Hitfilm Express.  Or does it use tools that are only available in Pro?



  • Triem23
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    Much of that can be done in Express. Some of the effects require different workarounds in Express and/or some of the Express add on packs. 

    The 3D setup  is the same, you'll have to use other methods for flares and the particle stars, or purchase the relevant add ons. 

    If space scenes are your thing, everything in these two tutorials is doable in Express with no add ons. 

    While this one is a mix of methods from Express to Pro. 

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