My hitfilm express is exporting the video with black bars even if i stretch the video

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So Im doing a video for youtube and my video resolution is 1024x768. Aspect ratio is HD anamorphic 1080p (1.33).  Any help? Please answer quickly.

Thank you!

And the problem is black bars.


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    I'm having this same problem, and its maddening...

    I've never had issues with hitfilm. I now have a time-sensitive project to complete and I've spent 15+ hours on this problem with no resolution... absolutely infuriating when the exported video doesn't match the 'preview' video, and random black bars appear on the top/sides, as if its changing its framing or resolution multiple times seeming sporadically, randomly...

    Please, someone weigh in here...

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    Especially when playing with non 16:9 aspect ratios, you have to make sure that your Project Settings and Export settings match. If you’re dropping 1.33 footage on a 16:9 timeline, it’s not gonna export correctly if you tell it to export to 1.33


    Go to File > Project settings and make sure your Resolution is the exact same as the source video. Your pixel Aspect Ratio should almost always be set to Square pixels, unless you are actually stretching the video- @maitomies based on what you said, I believe you should be using Square, 1:1 pixels. @jmedlin I believe this may also solve your issue

     In Export, create a custom preset using the exact same resolution and pixel Aspect Ratio (square 1:1)

    You should get a good export from those settings... let us know! If not, we’ll talk more. Hope it helps! 

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    Unless you will be viewing this with an anamorphic projector at some point, you should convert the video to square pixels. Create you project at 1920x1080, square pixels, then import your footage and add it to the timeline. Then you will never have to worry about the anamorphic issues again. Export to 1920x1080, the image will look exactly correct, and can easily be watched anywhere.

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