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Hey, I'm learning VFX. I have the Hit Film Pro 12 demo. Hoping to buy it eventually. Anyway, I have a question regarding the 3D view.  I use blender to model stuff, and using the 3D view in blender is easy to use to navigate. When using hitfilm to navigate, it is extremely hard to position objects where I want them go to, let alone navigate. I have to hold shift and other stuff to navigate without the view going sideways, and every other direction except the one I want it to go. For example, if I want to pan to the right, I hold down the mouse wheel to pan to the right. Instead, the view goes sideways and doesn't pan to the right. In blender, I just move the mouse wheel, then pan. Is there a setting to make navigating the view as easy as it is in programs like blender?  Also, objects don't seem to appear where I want them to be. They seem to be offset somehow.


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    All I can say here is the 3D Nav in Hitfilm is identical to Maya.

    Review this manual page. Hitfilm has some navigation icons on the right of the Viewer.

    Final note, current version of Hitfilm is now 13. Consider downloading the demo of the current version.

    I'm unaware of ways to customize the 3D Nav settings.

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    General rule of thumb is to parent your object to a point and move the point.  As long as your object is "zero-ed out" or built at the origin then your object should be centered on the screen.  Also make sure the point is set to 3D Plane so you can rotate in all 3 axis.

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    Its not you....I'm a 3d artist using multiple programs ....I love hitfilm but yes the 3d navigation is extremely clunky at best...more often combative.

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    I don't quite understand what you mean. What object do I want to parent to my point? I simply want to navigate easily without the view going nuts.



    I agree wholeheartedly.

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    Hitfilm isn't Blender and Blender isn't Hitfilm. Sorry you're having troubles. Hopefully this will make it easier for you:

    Navigating 3D Space

    Navigating in a 3D composite shot is different than in a 2D composite shot as you also have to take the Z-axis (depth) into consideration.

    Orbit Tool

    The quickest and easiest way to move around the 3D space is using the orbit tool. This has two modes: Orbit Around Selected Layers and Orbit Around Clicked Point. You can switch between these two modes by clicking and holding on the Orbit tool button.

    *When the orbit tool is selected, you will not see the wireframe outlines of your layers and you will not be able to use the Viewer transform controls. Change back to the Select tool to return to the normal mode.

    Orbit Around Selected Layers uses your current layer selection for orbiting. This can be a single layer or multiple layers. This way you can be certain of what you are going to orbit around, even in complex scenes.

    Orbit Around Clicked Point tries to determine where you want to orbit around based on where you click in the Viewer.

    • If you click on a layer the view will orbit around that specific point on the layer.
    • If you click on an empty space it will orbit around that point on the 3D grid.

    3D Move Controls

    To the right of the 3D Viewer are the move controls. These will vary depending on your current view and are operated by clicking and dragging on them with the mouse.

    • Dolly/Track Z: Moves the camera or view forwards and backwards along its own Z axis.
    • Pan/Track XY: Moves the camera or view horizontally and vertically along its own X and Y axes.
    • Zoom: adjusts the camera’s field of view, zooming in and out.
    • Rotate/Tumble: Rotates the camera or view without moving its position.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Using keyboard shortcuts makes navigating in HitFilm’s 3D space much faster. The shortcuts are as follows:

    • Orbit: ALT+Left mouse
    • Dolly: ALT+Right mouse
    • Zoom: CTRL/CMD+Right mouse
    • Rotate: Middle mouse
    • Pan: Right mouse (perspective & orthographic views only), *ALT*+Middle mouse or *CTRL*/*CMD*+Left mouse
    • Canvas Pan: Right mouse (active camera view only)
    • Select Object: Left mouse

    Source: https://fxhome.com/reference-manuals/hitfilm-pro

    Note: The Orbit Tool icon  is located to the left of the 3D viewer last icon in the tool bar

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    I have a project-specific problem with this - none of the keyboard shortcuts (orbit, dolly, rotate) were working for me except for right-click panning (I'm using a Wacom pen for this; I don't have  a mouse). I knew I had tested out this navigation before and that  it had worked. I started a new project and new composition with a single 3D plane and camera and it works fine, so there's something about my project that's causing issues. Not only that, it seems to be a specific 3D composite shot, as other comps in the same project seem to respond to these navigation shortcuts. Another symptom is that the "Orbit" tool doesn't show up in the toolbar in this particular composite (even with just a single perspective view window). In all of my comps the response speed is very sluggish for viewport navigation, I'm guessing because I've got video clips playing in 3D space with effects on them. Any suggestions as to how I can speed up working in such scenes? Is it possible to stop the video planes from being previewed in perspective views? I've got an old Quadro K4000 on a dual XEON machine with 64g RAM, and have no trouble navigating huge 3D scenes in 3DS MAX or Blender, or similar 3D setups in AE or Fusion.

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    also, panning a 3D view with the grid visible and you can see the objects move but the grid doesn't until you release the "mouse" button, then the grid is re positioned correctly. Is this the expected/normal behaviour?

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