How do I get Hitfilm Pro 13 to be seen by Vegas Pro 17.0?

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Having a challenge getting Hitfilm to play well with Vegas Pro 17.   Anyone have any ideas? Solution?


  • Triem23
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    Known issue, will be fixed in the next update.

    Note: Mods are not FXHOME staff, so I have no idea when that update is due. If I were to guess I'd say this week or next, but that's a total guess.

  • EROC3D
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    how to get it play well? Are you talking about plugins like?

  • Triem23
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    @GarethOwen he's talking integration. Now, what I'm about to say is largely speculative, but. Every time a new version of Vegas is released, integration always "breaks" until the next Hitfilm update. Vegas/Hitfilm integration allows one to send a Vegas clip to Hitfilm, add effects in Hitfilm, save a Hitfilm project and the Vegas clip is replaced with the Hitfilm project on the timeline. This also allows a Hitfilm project to be dropped on a Vegas timeline and have the Editor Timeline show as Vegas media. 

    So there's a whole pipeline here - reading back and forth. A new version of Vegas may have low-level changes we don't know about, and may require adjustments to the integration. BUT FXHOME won't commit final changes until Vegas is out of Beta, so there's usually a one-two week period where the newest version of Vegas doesn't integrate correctly. 

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    Speaking of VEGAS integration VEGAS Post just came out and from the reviews I've seen it seems to be almost a 1 to 1 version of hitfilm minus the editing timeline and having true integration with VEGAS.  I kind of see now why they were so tight lipped about what it was.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are a primarily VEGAS editor like me or Triem23 it might not be bad to move to VEGAS Post at some point, though I fear new feature additions and bug fixes would be a lot slower.

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    Yes. Vegas Effects is basically Hitfilm minus the editing stuff. Vegas Image seems to be a version of iMerge. They're still separate applications.

    The price is extremely high ($999, $599 upgrade), considering you can often get HitFilm, Vegas, etc. at promotional pricing, and it's like $700 more expensive than Resolve Studio ($300 more if you upgrade).

    Vegas development is slow, and support is even worse  Don't recommend unless you're already "in too deep" with it. 

    That being said, its "Pro" SKU is pretty worthless and the Suite SKU is so much worse than what Sony used to sell, that it's probably cheap enough to just upgrade the Pro Edit SKU as the promotions roll around. 

    Or just wait for Humble Bundle, and stay a version behind. 

  • EROC3D
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    Thanks Triem23,

    I am still waiting for the update that will integrate Hitfilm 13 with Vegas Pro 17. I feel that I should have waited to update/upgrade as everything was working fine in Vegas Pro 16...I deleted it when I installed 17.  I will remain patient and wait a bit longer.  Does anyone know if progress has been made?

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