Composite timeline bug?

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is this a bug in the timeline display? If I make a comp from a clip in the editor timeline then add another layer to the comp the layout of the original layer labelling changes (see bottom layer in image below) - the "motion blur"/"layer dimensions"/"parent layer" section is no longer right-aligned and the layer name label gets obstructed. 


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    So hmm.... I can't replicate that and have never seen that behavior since I've been using HF.   Which version are you on?  And while system specs may be helpful, this doesn't appear to be a performance problem but rather a UI problem.  However, GPU drivers and OS version could enter into it.  Make sure all is current.

    My advice is to start over with a clean project and do your set up again, but pay attention to any keystrokes or mouse clicks that might produce the problem.  If it is un-reproducible  it will be hard to fix.

    What happens if you drag you mouse over the boundary between the layer panel and the timeline and resize the layer area?  Does that clear it up?

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    @Stargazer54 I on the other hand have hit this as an intermittent bug since HF2017.

    It's known and logged, but seems hard to pin down. It's never something I've been able to recreate by retracing steps. 

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    @Triem23 Noted.  Hopefully @AndyQ can figure out how to re-create the issue

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    Yea. I've gotten that a few times (at least a dozen??)  over the past couple of years. I can never reproduce it and if I got back and open the project later it seems to have righted itself.

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