HitFilm exported movie degrades quality in some moments

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This is another error I could find reported here, it happened with two of my videos, just see the below:

Jump to 43:54 and see as the image turns blocky, like a low band internet connection and then it returns to normal...

Watch from 3:10 until 4:14 and see, it happens a lot of times, it keeps turning to low and high resolution... You can see it in various parts of this video. In both cases, the capture is perfect, the problem is the result from my project exported with HitFilm.

The template I use for all my videos:


Duration: 00:05:00:00


Width: 1920 pixels

Height> 1080 pixels

Frame Rate: 60

Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

Audio: 48000 Hz


Color Bit Depth: 32-bit Float - Linear Color

Antialiasing Mode: 4x MSAA

Reflection Map Size: 512 pixels

Shadow Map Size: 2048 pixels

Maximum 3D Model Map Size: 4096 pixels

My HitFilm is the latest version and so my Video Driver.


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    @F4br1c10 This isn't a glitch. It all has to do with your export bitrate. YouTube's compression makes it even more noticeable. You can attempt to increase the bitrate in your Export settings, but you'll end up with a much larger video and frankly, YouTube compression will just mess it up again. This is something that everyone working with digital video has to deal with- even if you have loads of money like Disney... Yes, even they have to deal with it, so don't feel bad. 

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