Does the Puppet Tool work with 3D models?

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I've looked into the user manual but didn't find any mention to 3D model animation/rigging with Puppet Tool. Didn't find any mention in the forum neither. I know the animation of the 3D model itself can be configured during the model import setup if it was designed in that way when the model was done, but I'm refering here to a rigged/non-rigged 3D model that has no animation configured upon its creation, just the model as-is (the model is a person, btw).

My idea is to get some basic walking movement of the 3D model in an already Mocha-tracked shot.

I'm a Hitfilm Express user but with a bunch of purchased addons. I'm placing this thread under pro subforum as most of the Express users propably don't know about Puppet Tool.

I didn't try all this by myself because I haven't bought the 3D model yet, as I won't buy this exact model if I can't animate it with Puppet Tool, as I would need to buy an already-animated one instead (which is more expensive, that's why I'm trying to figure out if this would work :D)

Thanks a lot :)


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    You can animate a model with the puppet tool, but not in the way you're thinking, and not in the way you want. For all practical intents, the answer to your question is "No."

    The puppet tool works on 2D images (and a 3D model renders as a 2D image layer before it goes to effects), and is intended to be used on static images.

    Puppet first converts a 2D image to a 2D polygon mesh, then attaches points to that mesh which are used to deform the mesh. Puppet points are not the same as point layers and puppet pins can not be parented to point layers.

    Puppet pins only have 2D position data and cannot be attached to a 3D model. 

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    Thank you @Triem23, I'll take a look at an already-animated model instead :)

    I find the Puppet Tool pretty useful to animate 2D layers anyway.

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