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I've been Googling, searching forums, and watching YouTube videos for 2 days and I still can't figure out what is causing this.  I bring video into a composite shot, create the tracking points, create a point layer, and transform apply the  track to the new point layer - all that looks fine in the layer and viewer.  But when I bring an effect into the shot and parent it to the point layer, the effect only occurs in the middle of the shot and won't attach to the tracking points.  And sometimes it only applies itself to the first frame.

I'm relatively new to HF, but not to video editing.  I've watched every tutorial video I could find on this and followed the steps pretty much frame by frame, but I can't get it to work.  I tried completely new projects, new media files, different media formats, different effects, and a bunch of other things, but no luck.  I'm not adding any cameras or making the layers or effects 3D (even though I tried to see if it would help).

I threw a Hail Mary and updated to HF13 today without better results, but it was happening in 12 as well, so it doesn't appear to be an artifact from the upgrade.

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.


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    When you parent your stock footage, text or other effect to the tracking point, you will need to zero out the transform properties of the asset to get it to be actually attached to the tracking point. The you can tweek the position (or anchor point) numbers to get it exactly where you want it from there. Also, make sure the stock footage, the point, and the tracking information span the whole area that you want them to be there.

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    Are you parenting a "Source Layer" and/or "Transform From" property in an actual effect, or are you parenting an entire grade layer to the tracked point?

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