HitFilm Express Activation Strategy

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The activation process for this great software is it's only barrier to being the most used video editing software. Changing this process would require a leap of faith. The company would need to be aware that the social media spreading of the word through users tutorials and reviews would far exceed the benefit of single user sharing requirements to activate. As it is now, the reputation being earned is that HitFilm has a great software program stigmatized by only the wonky activation dance. That opens the door for competitors products and is completely unnecessary. Trust that you have an awesome product and the free advertising will dominate the industry. You're losing way more advertising with this activation process than if it were a clean and simple approach to using the product. My guess is that the smart folks behind this product are techies and not marketing folks. Admittedly, it's not a ridiculous time sink to get it activated. But it's enough of a pain to cause many people to try other options. Consider also the decline of some of the sharing requirement sources due to privacy issues and the value added continues to shrink. But, at least it's free.


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    @StoneyRun Actually, I believe it is a well-known secret that you only have to click the share link and then close the page that opens without ever logging in to a social media account.  Hitfilm doesn't check to see if you did or did not share. Handy for those of us that eschew all Social Media 

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    Well-known? After viewing several video reviews on this product I don't think it is very "well-known". Every review I watched indicated a weird or unusual activation issue as the major flaw that possibly caused it not to earn top recommended status. Is there such a thing as a well-known secret? Either it's well-known, or it's a secret. Can't be both. Which was my purpose for posting this discussion in the first place. Why continue with this marketing strategy when it's more likely the company would enjoy more profitability by getting rid of it? I really like this software. But, I hesitate to update it unless I don't have to be punished for it.

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    "...I hesitate to update it unless I don't have to be punished for it."

    You do not have to go through the full initial download and activation procedure/sequence to update Hitfilm Express.

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