Harry Potter Apparition Effect!

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Hi! So basically I've been trying to create a Harry Potter Apparition effect, similar to the one in the films, but I'm a bit stuck! I've looked at Film Riot's tutorial, yes it's for AE, but HitFilm is better and you can still do it! So, I have followed that until it comes to reshaping the body into the arc shape and animating it? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :D
Here's the tutorial:


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    I see, the crucial thing are the puppet and liquify tools... Which HitFilm doesn't have.
    I think you can try to get a similar result with the Bezier Warp or the Polar Warp effect.
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    I created a simple mask and added the 'Twirl' filter in Hitfilm. This does a pretty good job on the rotating effect:).
    In the 'Twirl' filter controls: turn up the angle to aprox 260 degrees. After that, keyframe the radius in the filter from 1 to like 500-1000. Note that the keyframes must be really close to eachother because the effect itself is really fast in the movies;)
    You can also use the fisheye-warp effect by setting the 'Wrap X' and 'Wrap Y' to no.
    Hope this helps for you:)
    Offtopic: I thought Hitfilm was going to give Filmriot a copy for a review? Never saw it I think but you really should because Filmriot has a large audiance with young/beginning filmmakers:)
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    Ah of course, the twirl effect... didn't think of that :D
    Filmriot once mentioned HitFilm in one of their videos, but never showed anything with it. That would definitely be awesome, if Filmriot picked it up... Would be much of a boost!
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    The way I did it (see below) was to export one frame after I had jumped, and take it into Gimp. In Gimp, I cut out myself so only my body was there, warped it into a kind of almost semi-circle, then export as PNG (for transparency). Back in HitFilm, I followed the rest of the Film Riot tutorial, just dragged the picture into the timeline multiple times, rotated them in 3D, added motion blur, resized, etc etc.
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    Thanks everyone who replied so quickly! Such a nice community :D
    @Robin - Yes, I definitely agree with you there and think that a puppet tool is something that the HitFilm Team could consider in the future? ;)
    @pixelizedFX - Thanks a lot! That really helped. I've done the twirl effect and have followed your instructions, however, I'm not too sure how to end it. Generally, the character just seems to get smaller...but I'm not too sure how to do it! Haha, I've only just started with HitFilm, so I'm not too experienced!
    @AndrewH - Wow! That's really good actually :D
    Thanks everyone for the help!
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    To get it smaller you can keyframe the scale along with the Twirl effect and maybe keyframe the opacity too.
    And don't forget to add motion blur:)(really settles the effect)
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    Oh yeah! Thanks, that seems to work great! I might duplicate the layer of myself or a few and reposition them slightly to give it a more of a 3D look!
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