How do we make a composite shot out of a sequence on the timeline?

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I've got a sequence built on the timeline and it's getting complicated, so I'd like to shuttle it off to a composite shot.  In the perfect world it would be a simple right-click option or CTRL-M,  but this option is not right-click available, and CTRL-M does not work.  How do we do this?


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    @Davlon I can't be sure, but I think the only option to combine different clips on the editor to make a composite out of them is the render out the editor sequence in as lossless as you can get and reimport and make that a composite.  If its not more than a few minutes, I'd probably use PNG sequence and then bring that back in, but that's just my knee jerk goto.

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    Mike, can I pull you into this?

    @tddavis --

    Your method is possible, but it would be mighty painful to make changes to an already rendered scene.  And the point of composite shots is complete flexibility -- Surely I am not the first person to request this feature.

    If the only way to move an edited scene from the timeline into a composite shot is to render it (absurd), then we must all surely send charity to  FXHome so they can afford coffee for the overworked programmers to fix this problem.

    Anyone who has worked with clients knows the production is not done until it's on the screen and paid for.  Everything gets changed.  Rendering a sequence to get around software limitations is as primitive as bouncing tracks in an audio mix for lack of channels.  

    In Adobe's Photoshop version 2.5, which came on 4 floppy disks (yes, I'm using Photoshop since version 2.5), the only way to build an image was to merge layers down.  There was no History panel.  You had exactly one level of Undo.  So, rendering out the timeline means it is no longer editable -- that's not called a 2019 option given the amount of flexiblility available in software design.

    Who is here from FXHome who can provide a solution?

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    The only way to take multiple NLE timeline clips and make them into a composite is to create a composite and re-create/order each NLE timeline clip in the new composite. The make composite shot feature only works with a single timeline clip.

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    From your post, it seems unwise to ever begin a project on the timeline.  It seems wisest to start every project with a composite shot

    So now I'm not understanding  why FXHome spent so much effort/fanfare  bringing increased functionality/features to the timeline -- please remind me which version that was.  

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    "From your post, it seems unwise to ever begin a project on the timeline.  It seems wisest to start every project with a composite shot"

    I would disagree with that. Seem a bit reductio ad absurdum. You're not going to have one bigA composite for the whole project. That is even worse. If you know you want a certain sequence to be a composite then we would not be here in this thread discussing your situation.

    That said, Hitfilm does need a way to move NLE clip sequences to a comp. It has been requested probably since the beginning of time. It is just simple math, and not much code. So much easier to do programatically than via UI interaction. Especially if one forces a restriction that the NLE sequence of clips be a single track and have no transitions. That restriction would probably shut up 99% of this feature request. Most of the gain for little pain.

    If anyone thinks about trying to re-trim feature to get the trimmer setup with the proper in/out points for an NLE clip and then drag that into a comp timeline, then think again. Dragging a fresh copy from the trimmer ignores the set in/out points defined in the trimmer.  Re-trim seems to be tied/restricted to the original clip. If this feature worked, then even without a multi-clip comp create then it could be somewhat easy to move a series of trimmed clips to a comp.

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